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Energy Lick – Tub

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Brand: Nutri Feeds
Class: Protein, energy and mineral supplement for ruminants.

Nutri Tub Energy is a protein, mineral and energy supplement for ruminants on grazing and is suitable for production purposes;
It prevents the loss of condition in beef cows with calves or ewes with lambs on winter grazing;
It meets the needs of ruminants on poor-quality winter grazing, particularly from July until spring, when the quality of the grazing is at its lowest;
It is a good lick for replacement heifers during winter for optimum growth to achieve mating mass at an early age;
Replacement animals and ewes/cows with lambs/calves react very well to the blocks with respect to growth and milk flow;
Good increases in mass are obtained with steers on green summer grazing;
Good condition lick for bulls one month before the servicing season, as well as for sheep on winter and summer grazing;
Can also be used as stimulation lick a month before up to a month into the servicing season.

Protein 160g/kg min
Urea 20g/kg max
Total Protein from NPN 52.51%
Moisture 160g/kg max
Fibre 10g/kg min
Calcium 20g/kg max
Phosphorous 5g/kg min
Energy (estimated) MJ
ME/kg 7.5g/kg min

Feeding Instructions
Cattle | 1200g/day min | 2000g/day max
Sheep and Goats | 200g/day min | 400g/day max