Game Lick – Tub

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Product Details
Brand: Nutri Feeds

Class: Protein, mineral and trace-mineral supplement for ruminants

Nutri Tub Game is a protein, mineral and trace-mineral supplement for ruminant game on any type of grazing;
It provides 12% protein with no NPN, which makes it suitable for all species of game;
As the product also provides energy and balanced trace minerals it is particularly suitable for the growth and production of game on good summer grazing or during moderate winters;
Because of the form of the product it is convenient to use under extensive condition;
It contains added aloe powder for game.

Protein 120g/kg min
Moisture 160g/kg max
Calcium 30g/kg max
Phosphorous 7.5g/kg min
Magnesium 3.5g/kg min
Potassium 30g/kg min
Sulphur 2.5g/kg min
Energy (estimated) MJ
ME/kg 8.5g/kg min
Iron 135mg/kg min
Copper 26.5mg/kg min
Manganese 106mg/kg min
Zinc 100mg/kg min
Cobalt 0.3mg/kg min
Iodine 1.35mg/kg min
Selenium 0.3mg/kg min
Molybenum 6.25mg/kg min

Feeding Instructions
Feeding Recommendation:
Big Game | 950g/day min | 1500g/day max
Small Game | 180g/day min | 350g/day max