Lucerne Pellets

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Brand: Nutri Feeds
Class: Drought feed for ruminants, ostriches, horses and game.

Lucerne Pellets are ideal for ruminants but can also comfortably be used for game, horses and even ostriches
They offer the user a wide range of applications;
No further mixing is required and they are fed ad lib.
They should not be fed for long periods to late-pregnancy animals or at high levels to rams and wethers
They are available as pellets for ease of use and minimum wastage.

Protein 100 g/kg min
Moisture 120 g/kg max
Fat 15 g/kg min 70 g/kg max
Fibre 120 g/kg min 250 g/kg max
Calcium 15 g/kg max
Phosphorous 3 g/kg min