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Nutrimol Molasse Meal

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Brand: Nutri Feeds
Class: Energy supplement.

Nutrimol is a tasty energy supplement for ruminants, horses and game,
Because of its high molasses content it is ideal for further mixing with farm-produced raw materials with a high protein value in a variety of rations for sheep, cattle and dairy cows
It can be used effectively to replace a part of the grain in final rations;
The nutritional value compares well with that of molasses meal and it can be used effectively as a molasses replacement.
In cattle feedlots up to 25% and in sheep feedlots up to 15%
Nutrimol can be included in rations as a flavouring and to limit dust.

Protein 40 g/kg min
Moisture 160 g/kg max
Fat 10 g/kg min
Fibre 350 g/kg max
Calcium 12 g/kg max
Phosphorous 1 g/kg min