Phosphate Lick – Tub

Packaging Sizes

Product Details
Brand: Nutri Feeds
Class: Mineral and trace mineral supplement for ruminants.

Nutri Tub Phosphate is an effective and convenient product to supplement macro minerals (Ca and P) on deficient summer grazing.
If furthermore provides trace minerals that are essential to the development of growing animals or to promote the production and reproduction of the adult animal.

Moisture 120g/kg max
Calcium 120g/kg max
Phosphorous 60g/kg min
Sulphur 25g/kg min
Iron 750mg/kg min
Copper 150mg/kg min
Manganese 600mg/kg min
Zinc 600mg/kg min
Cobalt 2mg/kg min
Iodine 15mg/kg min
Selenium 3mg/kg min

Feeding Instructions
Adult Cattle | 100g/day
Lactating Cows | 200g/day
Adult Sheep/Goats | 18g/day
Lactating Ewes | 30g/day