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Protein Lick – Tub

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Product Details
Brand: Nutri Feeds
Class: Protein, mineral and trace mineral supplement for ruminants.

Nutri Tub Protein is a protein, mineral and trace-mineral supplement for ruminants(Sheep, Cattle and Goats).
Feed AD LIB to animals on good quality winter grazing available in sufficient quantities.
The lick is available in a convenient container that is easy to handle, with no wastage.
The condition of the animals should be monitored regularly, particularly during the late winter (August to September), when a protein/energy lick should be considered to meet the increased nutrient requirements of lactating and first-calf cows.

Protein 280g/kg min
Urea 20g/kg max
% from Urea 20.5g/kg max
Total protein from NPN 81%
Moisture 120g/kg max
Calcium 33g/kg max
Phosphorous 11g/kg min
Magnesium 6g/kg min
Potassium 22g/kg min
Sulphur 5g/kg min
Iron 140mg/kg min
Copper 28mg/kg min
Manganese 110mg/kg min
Zinc 110mg/kg min
Cobalt 0.3 mg/kg min
Iodine 1.5mg/kg min
Selenium 0.3mg/kg min
Vitamin A 12000mg/kg min

Feeding Instructions
Cattle | 550g/day min | 650g/day max
Sheep and Goats | 90g/day min | 120g/day max